Using Animoto:

STEP 1: Study some good examples

Book trailer created by Lindsey Atencio. See copyright slide.

  • Mrs. Mowery's library move animoto tells the story of a year in the library in 3 locations.

I am Four by Pittacus Lore

STEP 2: Tell a Story

  • Select images that show the tone of the book. See link for free images. Is the book funny, scary, romantic, fantastic? What do you think the characters look like? How did you picture the setting of the book? Were there some fantastic events or conflicts? Did you notice any symbols? Make a file of your pictures and name the file the title of your book.

  • Add text. Write some short, snappy words or phrases that give "hints" to the plot and conflict.

STEP 3: Organizing your images

  • Put your images in the order that you wish them to be seen. Do you want them in the order of the story or in a special way to make a point?

  • Make sure you include a picture of your book with title and author information.

STEP 4: Choosing the music

  • Do you want to let the Animoto program choose the music to accompany your images or do you want to insert an MP3 file? Animoto has lots of good music that is free.

STEP 5: Finalyze your project

  • Review the order of the images and review the spelling and grammar of the text slides.

  • Make sure you include any necessary copyright information regarding your pictures or music. You can add this at the end.

  • Finalyze the project and watch it! Post or send to your's or your teacher's email account.

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