NoodleTools Link here!



Login and User Instructions:

  1. Click on link and click on "school account." Passwords are both udhs
  2. Create your own account with passwords. Save passwords somewhere!
  3. Teachers create "Drop Boxes" for each class. i.e. Mrs. McCall's period 1
  4. Students create and name each new project. i.e. "Mrs. McCall's Lit. Crit. paper"
  5. Students share projects with your teachers.
  6. Use "Dashboard" to keep track of your work and ask questions.
  7. Make Bibliographic citations FIRST and then create notecards that go with them.
  8. Create and use your outline to organize your "stacks" of notecards.
  9. NoodleTools works with GoogleDocs.
  10. Ask Mrs. Mowery for help!

NoodleTools student videos: